Frequently Asked Questions

Your most commonly asked questions,

A. Partnerships

1. How do I schedule a meeting or presentation with Correct Rx regarding the full complement of services offered?
Contact Mr. David Kuper, Corporate Sales Manager (443) 557-0100 or
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B. Operations

1. Where are you located?
Correct Rx is located in Hanover, Maryland, situated near the BWI/Marshall Airport. This strategic location allows Correct Rx to provide overnight coverage and greater flexibility regarding order cut off times for our clients all over the country. We also offer same day medication delivery for some of our clients in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Let us know if this is an option you would prefer.

2. Do you have a different cutoff time for Refills versus New Orders?
Correct Rx honors the same cutoff times for all orders. This added benefit ensures continuity of care and no lapses in medication therapy. In addition, this delivery schedule will reduce the volume of returns and the need for excessive interim emergency medication.

3. Can Correct Rx customize the quantities dispensed per order to meet the needs of my facility?
The quantity dispensed per order is subject to the State Board of Pharmacy regulations, the specific needs of the facility, your Medical Provider’s policy and instructions of the prescribing practitioner. Correct Rx will also make recommendations based on our vast experience.

Contact Mr. Joseph DeMino, PD, Vice President of Operations (443) 557-0100 or if you would like more information on our customized pharmacy services.
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C. Clinical

1. Why is Correct Rx so focused on Clinical Services?
The impact of the comprehensive clinical programs is profound. The delivery of Quality Pharmacy Services decreases overall healthcare spending by reducing the need for secondary care, hospitalizations, and offsite transports.

2. What can I expect from my regularly scheduled inspections and medication room audits?
You can expect personal attention and face to face interaction with Correct Rx’s fully credentialed clinical pharmacists. These onsite visits are instrumental in providing opportunities to communicate expectations, discuss issues, and resolve problems. Correct Rx’s inspections of medication storage areas, inventory records, and administration processes are required by states and national accrediting bodies (i.e. ACA, NCCHC, JC) as an integral and routine practice to ensure quality, safety, and compliance with state and federal laws.

3. Does Correct Rx have the ability to provide customized utilization reports for my facility?
Correct Rx’s clinical department has spent years developing well designed statistical reports. These reports provide our clients with detailed utilization data sorted by month and facility. All data is expressed in easily understood terms and ratios specifically designed for the correctional healthcare arena. Reports can be provided in writing, electronically or accessed in real time via our web-based dashboard reporting mechanism.

4. Does Correct Rx provide Formulary Management Services?
Formulary Management is one of our corner-stone value-added services. Correct Rx’s management team has over 30 years of direct experience in developing and maintaining formularies specifically designed for Correctional Systems. Correct Rx has successfully implemented formulary guidelines that have assisted our clients in containing pharmaceutical costs. Correct Rx also offers a sophisticated Pharmacist Directed Non-Formulary Approval Program for many of our clients.

Contact Dr. Hui Seo, Chief Clinical Officer (443) 557-0100 or, if you would like to learn more about this innovative program.
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D. Management

1. How does Correct Rx ensure that the terms of the Contract are upheld?
Correct Rx believes contract management is an essential component of delivering a comprehensive pharmacy services program. Our program managers are tasked with studying the terms of each contract and ensuring full compliance from the start.

2. Does Correct Rx participate in Emergency Preparedness planning?
Emergency Preparedness Planning is an area that requires the ability to work cooperatively on a team to ensure that a comprehensive, thoughtful and safe plan will be enacted when an emergency is encountered. Over the years, we have implemented plans that ensured continuity of care for several facilities due to severe weather disturbances that threatened operational security.

Contact our Vice President of Program Services, Mr. John R. Nattans (410) 991-8464 or if you have specific emergency preparedness needs that you would like Correct Rx to address with you.
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E. Technology

1. Does Correct Rx have an electronic order entry system?
Correct Rx’s electronic order entry system is a Windows and internet web-based application and can be operated from a computer with Windows XP or any other more recent generation. Using the internet each facility is able to connect to our application server at Correct Rx. There is no software to be installed and allows for different levels of role- based security, i.e. prescriber, non-prescriber, etc.

2. Can Correct Rx’s operating system interface with our jail management system or electronic patient health record?
Correct Rx’s experience in providing and interfacing our pharmacy software system to Jail Management Systems, Electronic Medical Records and Electronic Medication Administration Records is neither limited to one client nor to one software system. We have advocated to our clients that they independently contract with EMR/eMAR vendors.

Our role has been to provide unbiased advice, create fully functional two-way interfaces and provide the necessary support and resources to ensure their successful implementation. As a result, we have interfaced with multiple vendors that have provided client specific solutions. Each of our client’s unique requirements has guided their selection and implementation of technology. We are proud of our ability to help our clients navigate through these complex issues and successfully fulfilling our responsibilities in integration.

Contact our Director of Information Technology, Mr. Peter Crosby (443) 557-0100 or to discuss your technology requirements.
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F. Regulations

1. How can we be sure that Correct Rx is compliant with all federal and state regulations?
Correct Rx’s commitment to promoting strong business ethics and accountability is manifest in its development of a Corporate Compliance and Regulatory Affairs Division. Legal and regulatory expertise is critical for operational and clinical programs to comply with the intricate landscape of federal, state and local legislation. Correct Rx monitors applicable laws, rules and regulations that govern institutional pharmacies and the clients that we serve.

Contact our Vice President, Mr. Martin Yankellow (443) 557-0100 or if you have specific questions regarding regulatory affairs.
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